Who We Are

We are a global renewable energy solutions company with a track record in delivering high-performing reliable and affordable clean energy turnkey projects around the world. From the early development stages to securing financial solutions, Emsolt ensures you get the most from your investment in the long term.

That is “Emsolt is Independent Power Producer (IPP) and international developer in terms of solar energy “

Impacts of Our Leaders

Our global managers provide the unique perspective and invaluable guidance required to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive market. The leaders at EMSOLT consider innovation, value generation, and speed to market to be the three mission-critical factors an investment company like ours needs to offer results-oriented solutions to its clients.

Our Team & Offices

We have a diverse multinational in-house team with deep technical & financial expertise and experience. We also have the capability and resources to get World-class professionals to outsource services if needed.We are based in The Netherlands and we have offices in Italy, Romania, Ukraine, and Turkey.

The Secret Of Emsolt Investment BV’s Success

We divide our expertise into two areas. One is modelling the renewable energy development process. The other is the financial modelling process. We are successful because we manage these two processes with our expert staff. You can examine these processes in more detail.

Emsolt's Development Model

Exercising Legal Due Diligence on Lands

Land Acquisitions (Purchasing or Right of Superficies)

Making Grid Connection Agreements

Obtaining Building Permits

Obtaining Power Generation License

Making the Projects Ready to Build  by Obtaining All Necessary Licenses and Permits

Emsolt's Financial Model

Tailor Made Financial Solutions

Building Viable Credits Structure

PPA Structuring

Carbon Emission Trading

Providing Consultancy Services for M&A and Financial Advisory

Advantages of Emsolt’s Development Model

Extensive Network of Local Trusted Partners

Local expertise, global impact – join our trusted solar partner network today

Comprehensive Knowledge of Local Law and Regulations

Maximize solar energy potential with a deep understanding of local laws and regulations

Good relationship with Local Authorities

Bridge the gap between solar energy solutions and local authorities through our strong relationships and collaboration

Highly Experienced Management of Technical and Legal Due Diligence

Expertly manage technical and legal due diligence to ensure successful solar energy projects every time

Take the guesswork out of solar energy solutions with our highly experienced management of technical and legal due diligence.

Deep Experience and Knowledge of Project Acquisition

Experience the power of solar energy with our industry-leading knowledge of project acquisition

Process of Emsolt’s Financial Solutions

Our financial solutions provide an extensive range of services;

  • Analysis of Stakeholder’s business strategy, financial status as well as Project’s equity requirements and cash flow projections in order to build the most efficient and sustainable Credit Structure.
  • Evaluation of broad portfolio to determine the most appropriate Bank or Financial Institution.
  • Negotiation with Banks & Financial Institutions on behalf of stakeholders. Find the most suitable PPA agreement for the technical and financial structure of the project.
  • Providing benefit from our bargaining power in PPA agreements thanks to our large portfolio.