Join Us In The Solar Energy Revolution

Invest in solar energy with Emsolt Investment Bv and help combat climate change while securing a sustainable future.

922 MWp Pipeline

Project pipeline is being developed in Romania & Italy & Ukraine & Turkey

43 MWp in Operation

Our Assets are operational in Ukraine. They provide clean electricity for 20.000 households.

200 MWp Completed

We have completed turnkey solar energy solutions in Turkey & Ukraine.

7,2 MWp Under Construction

Bressana Projects with a total capacity of 7,2 MWp is under construction.

Bressana – Italy 7,2 MWp



The Secret Of Emsolt Investment BV’s Success

We divide our expertise into two areas. One is modelling the renewable energy development process. The other is the financial modelling process. We are successful because we manage these two processes with our expert staff. You can examine these processes in more detail.