YEO Joins Forces with EMSOLT to Launch DEFIC Globe A.Ş. and Expand Renewable Energy Projects

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After its public offering, YEO has partnered with EMSOLT, a major player in the energy sector expanding its market share daily across EMEA countries, to establish “DEFIC Globe A.Ş.” Signatures were signed between YEO, EMSOLT Investments BV, and Yaşar Tuncer to develop renewable energy project licenses abroad, deliver turnkey construction projects with project licenses to investors, and provide access to financing services.

Following its IPO, YEO continues to grow rapidly and innovate new business models. Starting from November 9, 2021, the DEFIC Globe brand is set to make a global impact through the collaboration of EMSOLT and Yaşar Tuncer, a leading energy company in EMEA countries.

During the pre-launch and signing ceremony, YEO Chairman and CEO Tolunay YILDIZ stated, “We have reached a pivotal point where we develop our own projects, which is crucial. Our project development activities are ongoing, particularly in Europe, focusing on Italy and Romania. We are currently progressing with projects in Italy and building a portfolio in Romania, primarily focusing on solar, and potentially expanding into wind, biogas, biomass, and hydrogen in the future.”

YILDIZ emphasized, “Our objective is to establish an organization that independently develops and completes projects, offering them to clients and retaining ownership in some cases, ensuring continuous income for DEFIC. Time will reveal these developments. Our aim is unprecedented, and we strive to support it through robust financial processes, combining project development and construction.”

Tuncer added, “We aim to build a balanced portfolio for DEFIC!” Following YILDIZ’s remarks, Alper, Managing Partner of Emsolt Teknoloji Yatırımları A.Ş., commented, “Our collaboration with DEFIC Globe began informally well before today. Formalizing our commitment on paper was a natural progression. We have operated in Italy for approximately a year, maintaining an active office with regular visits and a team dedicated to achieving a balanced portfolio. Similarly, our presence in Romania, established six months ago, positions us to accelerate project execution.”

Tuncer continued, “Europe is undergoing an energy revolution, driven by the Paris Climate Agreement and subsequent regulations. Italy’s recent announcement of adding 28GW capacity by 2030 mirrors Romania’s ambitions. Our strategic presence in these countries aligns with this transformative energy landscape. The journey with DEFIC Globe is a collaborative effort, and I am confident that our dynamic team will achieve significant milestones.”

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